🠈  Coalville, Utah  🠊

Coalville, the seat of Summit County, is a town of 1,382 built on the confluence of the Weber River and Chalk Creek.

Originally named Chalk Creek, The town was settled by William Henderson Smith who noticed that wheat would grow to maturity in the area and decided it would be a good stop for freight moving to Salt Lake City.

The town changed its name to Coalville in 1859 after the Utah Territorial Legislator set a bounty for finding coal deposits to fuel the rapidly expanding capitol of the state.

Coalville quickly expanded to 1,166 by 1890. The population leveled off as settlers found the valley prone to temperature inversions and, despite being the county seat, is now smaller the resort town of Park City to the West.

Coalville includes the Weber River inlet of Echo Reservoir which was built in 1931 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.


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