🠈  About Summit Color  🠊

Summit Color is part of the Community Color project. The goal of this project is simply to promote local web development and community awareness in the Mountain West.

I started the project by creating web sites for select towns in the Utah. I bought the domain for Park City.

Buying a domain for each town proved too expensive; So, I acquired the domain Utah is conveniently broken down 29 counties. So, I decided to create a directory for each county.

The problem with the county-centric design is that people tend to associates themselves with towns and not counties. This is especially true with resort communities such as Park City which has an international reputation.

So, in the case of Park City, I decided to keep both the short domain and to develop a site for Summit County.


I originally funded the site through affiliate advertising. This model actually worked for Park City as there are many online merchants with headquarters in the area. The model failed for towns like Moab and Vernal which do not.

As the goal of the directory is to promote local awareness. I decided to give local merchants the opportunity to displace the affiliate ads with direct ads. The ad is a 728x90 placement in the upper fold of the page. I charge $25.00 for 100,000 page impressions (25¢ CPM). You can order ads on this page.

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